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Inventor & President
Step-Lock, Inc.
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Larry E. Couto
Vice President

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Vehicle step-up and protection device.
US Patent 8,146,935
     When you purchase a new or used high profile vehicle its an investment you try to protect by taking proper care. Oil changes every-so-many miles, tune ups, even parking it far away from the store so you don't get that door damage from other vehicles, shopping carts etc.   Most of us are guilty of that. But sometimes we are in a hurry and park by other vehicles and once in a while, we pay the price.  This new product helps to protect your investment. Simply put, when you park your vehicle and lock your doors with the key fob, the side steps rotate up and protect the sides of the vehicle from damage, and it also hinders theft. And no they do not rotate up when you go down the road with the automatic door locks, or inside electric door lock switch.
Step Up Defender
This is for parking only!

       A lot has happened to this invention in the past year. These steps help to protect your vehicle when you are not there. This idea will work for both pickup trucks and suvs . So when you leave your vehicle and use the key fob to lock your doors, the steps rotate up  blocking the doors from opening (hindering theft), and preventing door dings and damage from objects hitting the side of the vehicle.  I have had a solid state electrical system designed that will work on all vehicles, with alarm systems, and electric door locks, .  The solid state system works only with the key fob, you can lock or unlock the doors from inside the vehicle, and it  has no effect on the protective steps. It is  only by pressing the key fob that the protective system activates.  Here is a list of the safety issues the solid state covers.
1 The steps only work when the ignition key is off or removed from the ignition.
2 If the vehicle's main battery starts to lose voltage at 10 volts the steps will come down automatically.
3 If the main battery would lose connection (through corrosion etc.) a small secondary battery , with its own charging system will bring the steps down either with the key fob or by unlocking or opening the door.
4 If a person is left inside the vehicle with the door locked and steps up, by pulling the inside door handle, the steps will rotate down.
5 If the key fob would quit working, the steps will rotate down when the door is unlocked and opened using your key.
6 The mounting boots for the steps are sheer bolts.  They should rotate under the vehicle in case of side impact.  (This has not been tested yet)

7 The steps only work with the key fob.  Automatic door locks and inside door control locks have not effect on the steps

8 If the steps are in the up position, the doors are locked and the vehicle will not start.  If the ignition key is in the on position and there is no power going to the steps so they cannot go to the lock position.

Step-Up In Action Close-Up of Defender in action.

Stops runaway shoping carts
Stops Door Dings Stops Door Dings
Door 2 Door


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